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Dear Parents and Prospective students
Welcome to the Jai Prakash Evening Inter College Campus, Hajipur (vaishali) Bihar.

Opting an institution is among the most imperative decision in one’s academic life. It may be the key that opens the door to a lifetime of possibilities for growth and service. We want you to base your choice of a college on relevant and reliable information. How well it turns out for you will rely primarily on the efforts you invest & nurture in your own academic intellectual and professional development . Invest wisely and be assured that college Teachers and staff ensure their best efforts in helping you realize your academic and educational goals.

From a modest beginning of a single college with students and 35 staff members we have reached an enviable position offering 3 Programs and 15 number of courses over 700 students and 35 plus staff in just 27 years. More than 90% of own students have successes . This stands testimony to own relentless pursuit of excellence while constantly and constantly and continually improving our stands we have achieved several milestones . be it in academics development ,sports , co curricular activities, infrastructure, facilities ,environment ,culture and social responsibility.

Our institutions vision rests on worldly realities and bears a peaceful and hormonal atmosphere that enables you to experience wisdom and knowledge you achieve in a jubilant way. As you pursue your studies , please do recall that a college educations is not entirely academic . it extends beyond the classrooms. Laboratories and workshops to seminar’s, meetings, cultural, social activities and athletic events. I believe that you will become involved in college campus life and that you will also make some commitment to serve your community .

Besides being a cause for campus and community development ,the effort can be educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling .

Our uncompromising and ever evolving polices and philosophies are completely student and faculty centrist. The all encompassing and bold curricula is crafted and designed executed by experienced and expert resources. This fosters creativity, hones and perfects skills. Maximizes thus transforming them into mighty skilled empowered and confident individuals. Employers entrepreneur ours and teachers .

When you become part of the J.P.Evening Inter College family . we leave no stone upturned to guide . mentor natures and prepare you to meet the global requirements ,both personal and professional own gift and our nation are strong and ethical leaders who will shape and change the desiring and future of the world.

With west wishes.

Sanjay Verma
Founder & Chairman